Saturday, June 25, 2011

An update!

At long last, I have time to update the blog! I have finished my Master's degree and have just completed my first week of full-time work. I am now working at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories as a Project Coordinator (the rookie-level Project Manager). I am excited to be working and also to be done with school to be able to spend more time the the kiddos (and not be studying!). Nicholas is working part-time now, and starts his Master's degree in the Fall. Whitney is going to be starting 2nd grade, and is reading so well now. Caitlin will have her second year of pre-school next year (she's still 4) and seems to be particularly enjoying the sunny weather we are JUST starting to enjoy. Brenton will be 2 in August, and is at the most adorable age. I just love to tickle and kiss him and he is the most cuddly! Things are going well, and as we head into a new chapter of our lives, I am hopeful to share more about what is happening with us on the blog! :)


Derrick and Melissa said...

I am so glad for your update. Totally bummed that you guys aren't coming to visit this summer. I miss you all SOOOO much. I can't believe Whit is old enough to be in second grade. Give all those little ones a BIG hug and a kiss from their auntie Lissa!

Erica P. said...

Wahoo! Congrats on graduating. That went so fast! Only a year? Or has it been longer? What is Nicholas starting his Masters in? It's all so exciting. Way to go. We are happy for you. Coming to town anytime soon?